My Internship experience at Atlan

Hello friends in this blog I am gonna share my Internship experience at Atlan

The Opportunity

Last May when I started looking out for the internship Initially I was struggling to get the roles that I am looking for But unfortunately, not many companies offer the role that I am looking for I was worried that I won’t find the role that I am looking On a fine night when I searching for the internship that came across DevOps Internship opening at Atlan After going through the company blog I found below the line in their company website Our interns work with us, not for us. Without any second thought, I immediately applied for the internship (I applied at 3 am xD). After applying for the Internship, I didn’t hear back for a while so I thought I didn’t get selected for the next round. After 2 weeks I got the mail stating that I am selected for the second round . In the second round, they gave me a medium-level challenge based on the role that I applied for after completing the challenge I got selected for the Technical round. I was very nervous during the round because I thought they gonna ask me about Data Structures and System Design (Which I never Like Personally xD).To my surprise, the questions revolved around the task that I performed during the last round, rather than focusing on the tools and knowledge they asked me about my approach. After the technical Screening I was selected for hr round I was very nervous because I am not sure what they will be asked in the interview because I never faced such type of interview in my life honest Like the last round this round was also very surprised to me most of the questions are revolved around my past life and current plan and future goals, throughout the hiring process the team make sure that I am comfortable during the interview and makes the process smooth and clear

Onboarding and Work Experience

After 2 weeks I got the mail stating that I successfully cleared the interview. After signing the offer letter and other formalities I officially joined Atlan as the DevOps intern. I got my work laptop and other company swags within 5 days. I was a bit nervous on the first day because I am new to the field and don’t know anyone in the company beforehand. But the team makes sure that I have a smooth onboarding experience and gives me enough time to learn the things and helped me get into the flow. The team is very supportive in terms of learning and make sure to clear doubt whenever I face the issue. One of the things that I like during my internship is the company culture you can literally reach out to anyone from the company founders to anyone in the team. Also like they mentioned in the blog during the internship I found that there is no difference between an intern and a full-time employee. Everyone is treated on the same level and everyone’s opinions are considered. Within the 15 days of the internship, I started to write the production code and started working on real-world deployment. During the internship, I learned not only technical skills I learned a lot apart from tech. Below are a few things that I learned during my Internship worth a mention

Process > Tools

Before Joining the Atlan whenever I approach the problem I used to think about the tool to solve the problem but during the internship, I learned tools only helps to solve the part of the problem not the whole problem while the problem

Document Everything

Before joining the Internship,I used to focus only on the coding part doesn’t care about the documentation. I used to think documentation is the waste of time, similar to my college assignments rather we can focus on the coding to improve the product. But when I start to work as a team I realized the importance of documentation in the long run documentation enable me to collaborate with the other team members and help me to easily to troubleshoot the problem in an easy manner since all the things are well documented. This enables everyone in the team to participate So rather than waiting for me to troubleshoot the issue anyone with access to documentation can resolve the issue

Communication skill > Coding Skill

During my Internship, one of the main things I learned is you should have good communication skill, whenever your working in the team. One should able to clearly communicate the problem statement and propose the solution for the same. We can’t solve a problem that we cant explain in a clear manner. Communication is the key skill one should focus on because It is easy to make the computer understand rather than making people understand our thoughts.

Correctness > Completeness

During the internship, I initially focus on completing the task rather than making sure I am doing it right, later I realized it is important to do it correctly rather than completing it on the time. Some days I wrote only 20 lines of code but I wrote correctly and perfectly that helps to make save a lot of time in the future by not spending on debugging the issues and not working on the same issue.

Don’t Afraid to Fail

During the initial stage of the Internship, I always used to worried that something will go wrong, I used to be very nervous but what I learned is it ok to make mistakes and fail and make sure to not do the same again and the other thing I learned is if something went wrong don’t take it personally it is ok to make mistake and learn from it and try to avoid in the future this is the important lesson that I change my view on the work-life balance. Also, enable me to separate my thoughts between work and life

You are paid only to work

During the work, you are supposed to focus only on work you shouldn’t focus on non-work-related tasks during the office work hours because this is not what you are paid for. Just kidding I had an equal amount of fun as much I learned and worked We have the slack channel for sharing the not related works in the area of health, books, finance, and also we have a dedicated channel for memes (Memes for life).

Interning with Atlan is one of the best things that happened to me in 2020. I hope you enjoyed reading my internship experience at Atlan If you have any question and feedback feel free to reach out to me