Hello Friends 👋 , hope everyone doing well. In this blog, I am going to share how we can use OS-Login to secure the GCP Compute Instance access


By the end of the article you will be able to get to know how to use OS-login


  • GCP account with enough permission to create resources

Why OS login

Imagine some developer in your organization wants to get the SSH access to the Compute Engine for debugging or for some testing purpose.You can do the following

  • Give Instance or Compute Engine admin access But the problem with this developer will also able to create delete stop instances this doesn’t follow the principle of the least privilege
  • Add the SSH-Keys to the instance But there is no way to keep tracking and monitoring those keys in the large organization

In order to solve those problems, GCP has introduced the OS-Login which allows the user only ssh into the instance

OS Login advantage

  • OS Login access are based on the IAM So if you decide the developer no longer need to access those resource want they can simply remove the role associated with the IAM

  • OS login allows the user to give sudo permission or allow to login without the Sudo Permission

How to Enable os Login

Enabling the OS login is the two-step process

Create the IAM user

Create the Iam user with the below two role

Go to the IAM Page in the GCP and Click ADD

Enter the email-id of the user you want to give access

Give the user below two permission

1. Service account User
2. Compute OS Login

If you want to give sudo access instead of Compute OS Login give Compute OS admin access

Click save

Creating the Instance with the Metadata

Now we have to add the metadata to the instance to enable the OS login We have two choices

  • Adding the metadata project-wide .This will enable the OS login in all instance
  • Adding the metadata at the instance level

For the sake of the article, we are going to add metadata at the instance level

Now go to the Compute Engine Console

If you are creating the instance using the GUI click the down arrow symbol this will extend the additional options

Enter the below value in the Metadata section

oslogin TRUE

Click create

Now I am switching to the Developer account and try to ssh into the instance that we have created previously

You could see I am successfully able to ssh into the instance

Now I am trying to delete the instance

You could see I am getting permission denied

We have successfully achieved the Least privilege

Imagine you longer want to give access to the developer you could simply remove the previously assigned role

Now I am trying to ssh into the instance after role removal

You could see permission denied even though I was able to login into the instance previously

This is how we can use OS-login to Secure Compute Engine access


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