Hello everyone In this blog I m gonna explain my baby steps into the DevSecOps During my last Internship at Practical DevSecOps I got an opportunity to take the CDP exam I have learned a lot from the course In this Blog I’m gonna share my experience of my first Certification

The Opportunity

While exploring DevSecOps I came across a course on DevSecOps from the Practical DevSecOps I was stunned on seeing the course syllabus but was sad on seeing the course fee So I pinged Imran if he can offer me a discount or something. Instead of a discount, Imran told me we are looking for interns. Will I be interested in working with him? Without a second thought, I said yes, after which we had a few calls regarding my internship. Imran gave me a hiring challenge which I completed after which I was hired as an intern at Practical-DevSecOps. My day to day role at the company was to create the content and labs for the free docker security course. I like his effort to contribute to the community and got to learn many things from Imran like how to interact with people, how to get your work done. Apart from Imran, we have Ifran, Nadira, Yuga, and Ali who became good friends of mine. Even Though We work from different parts of the world I still feel like a family. I also got a chance to interact with many amazing people one of them is Ishaq, who became good friends of mine who helps me with technical doubts and reviewing my contents and posts(including this blog post). I also met other few good people on the Slack channel who helped to clarify my doubts . After completing my 6 months of internship Imran offered me to take the course.

The course

When Imran First offered me the course I was in confusion state whether I should accept the offer or not because I was afraid that some of the topics in the course syllabus was completely new to me But eventually I started learning from the course To my surprise the course content was very easy and beginner friendly The videos was clear and to the point so I don’t get bored in the middle of videos Each section also has the hands-on part where I could practise what I have learned in the Section The labs were well Structured so that you need to install anything all the labs were setup in the cloud All you need is working internet Condition and curious mind to learn The course consists of 9 chapter starting with need of DevSecOps and eventually covered the all aspects of the DevSecOps and they also provide the reference material if you want to explore further on the specific topic I eventually completed the course within 2 week and completed the course One of the best things about the course the material was updated on the weekly basis Unlike the other courses the CDP course content was based on the latest tools not on the outdated one and they also provides different way to solve the problem there is no restriction that we have to follow what the instructors used to solve the problem we can solve the problem on the different approach And if you are stuck with any task there is dedicated channel where the staff members and other students ready to help with your doubts Since the Staff members are around the world we can get the answers mostly within 6 hrs and If you still cant able to solve the course Instructor will get into call with you and help to sort out the issue The support from the team was awesome

The Exam

Unlike other courses In CDP the students have to attempt the exam to get the certification, I was very nervous because It was my first certification exam but the good part was the exam was based on the practical part not based on the memory power. So I decided to take the exam The exam was 12 hrs and will be given another 12 hrs another for the report I was given 5 tasks based on the things what I have learned One of the good things that I have learned from the course there was some task in the course which was deliberately wrong To complete those tasks we have to troubleshoot on our own This helped me to solve the problems that I have faced during the exam and also given the experience of how real IT world works By the end of the exam I have completed all the task and send the report the team On next Day I got to know that I have successfully passed the CDP exam This was my first baby steps towards DevSecOps If you have any questions or feedback please feel to reach me keep Learning