It’s been a year since I started working at we45. In this blog, I am gonna share my working experience at we45


I have been following we45 since my college days when I started to explore DevSecOps. During my final year when I started looking for a job, I reached out to Abhay and ask him whether there are any openings in we45, to my luck, there are some openings and I applied for the same. Before starting the Interview I reached out to Abhay and I asked a bunch of questions regarding the company like work culture, mentorship, work pressure, etc. Abhay was kind enough to answer all the questions and after I was satisfied with the answer , the initial interview was set up. Initially, I was a little bit anxious because I don’t what they were gonna ask during the Interview. The folks at the Interview made sure that I was comfortable and it was more like a conversation. We discussed what I learned so far and the projects that I have worked on so far. After clearing the Interview I joined the we45 in June 2021

Work culture ♥️

The onboarding process was smooth and the folks inside the company were affable. One of the things I like most about the we45 is the zero hierarchy. From the intern to the CEO everyone’s opinion will be respected and given equal weight. Even my opinion on my first call was heard and feedback was taken.All the folks that I have interacted with we45 were shown humility. Also, the company is fully remote and flexible(I mean really flexible). At we45 people don’t care about how many hours I work as long I get my work done and we also get to choose our project deadline for most of the projects that we are working on so we don’t have much pressure. This is favorable for me. Some days I used to work the whole night the other day I work from 9 to 5 . (I should fix my sleep schedule xD)

Learning Opportunity 📚

One of the main reasons, I joined we45 is because of the learning opportunity. I always looked upon the folks working at we45 and during my college, I reached out to a few folks who works at we45 regarding my doubts to my surprise they helped and guided me in the right direction. One of the perks of working at the we45 is not a single day will be monotonous, every day will be a new challenge and an opportunity to learn. During my tenure at the we45, I learned a lot being at the technical and nontechnical skills. I explored a variety of technologies from Cloud Pentesting to K8s. People are very kind enough to help with me all the doubts I had. Especially my manager Nithin Jois make sure that help me learn valuable skills like How to google and troubleshoot and how to approach the problem. I was also able to pick up the non-technical skills like communications and note taking etc.. . People also get a chance to explore various spectrums of the field like Cloud, Web, Mobile, and DevSecOps.During my first year, I was able to achieve a few dreams like attending the live training.

I am looking forward to learning more and achieving my goals more in the upcoming year 🚀